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Advice from Our Electricians in Grays – When to Rewire

Our electricians in Grays often receive queries around domestic rewires. Many are unsure when their property might require such a service. On this page, we’ve listed a few common signs that you might need to call in an electrician for a rewire job.

Signs Your Grays Property Requires Rewiring



One sign that your home’s wiring is out of date is a shortage of plug sockets. Homes of yesteryear didn’t need as many as the modern family around Grays requires, with all our electrical appliances and gadgets. If you’re having to rely on extension cords, it may be time for a rewire. Using extension cords can overload your electrical system, proving strenuous and often dangerous.



Even if you’re fine for plug sockets, if your home was built over 40 years ago, it may be worth calling in an electrician in Grays – like our own. We can appraise whether your wiring may be old and unsafe, or is in quality condition and fine for the meanwhile. Old wiring and ancient consumer units can lead to house fires and serious electrical injuries, so don’t hesitate to seek consultation. You’re better safe than sorry!



If your fuse keeps tripping, or you’ve had multiple fuses blow over a relatively short period of time, it’s essential you call in our electricians in Grays to figure out why. Often it is simply down to aging wiring having deteriorated over the years – or no longer being able to meet modern electrical demands. Other times it is just down to a fuse board being old and antiquated.



There are a number of plug socket-related warning signs that should raise concerns. If you’ve ever touched a plug socket and found it to be hot, if you’ve ever noticed a flashing light emitting from inside the plug or a strange burning smell, this could signal that your system is in some way overheating. You may also notice that plug sockets’ boxes are loose or weathered. Immediately seek the advice of trained electricians if you notice any of these warning signs.



Have you invested in a property around Grays that requires renovation? While your thoughts may first turn to how you’re going to “do up” the kitchen, paint or decorate – don’t forget rewiring. Old or neglected properties often require a comprehensive rewiring services.


As a leading electrician in Grays, we can handle the task. We can even plaster and decorate over any surface that requires it following the rewiring, reducing your need to bring in other trades. We will also arrange temporary accommodation for you while our electricians carry out their work!

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