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On our Services page, we touched on the benefits that LED lighting can afford homeowners and companies. But here, for the benefit of prospective clients in and around Hornchurch, we’ve gone into real detail on the subject.


If after reading the below you decide LED lighting is a savvy investment, give our electricians a call. You’ll struggle to find an electrician in Hornchurch offering as competitive prices, and as quick and efficient installation as our own!

Why Invest in LED Lighting for Your Hornchurch Home?



LED bulbs can last as long as 100,000 hours each, which is equivalent to 11 years of constant operation! Even if you left your LED fixture on for eight hours a day, you could still expect 20 years of performance out of it. This is because they don’t work like a standard light, and therefore don’t burnout. Instead, over a very long time-frame, their output levels decrease and the light begins to dim.



Far and away the most efficient form of lighting a home, our electricians will always recommend it to homeowners and companies in Hornchurch who are looking to reduce their energy bill. LED lighting operates at an efficiency of between 80-90%, a percentage which represents how much incoming energy is converted to light. Traditional bulbs also produce a noteworthy amount of heat, and only end up converting 20% of the energy they receive into light! This is highly inefficient, and goes some way to explaining why our electricians in Hornchurch constantly receive requests from savvy homeowners who are looking to upgrade their fixtures.



It’s not just the increased energy efficiency that makes LED lighting a “green” option. There are also less harmful chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. Traditional fluorescent light bulbs, for example, contain mercury and a number of other toxic chemicals. LED lights contain no toxic materials and are fully recyclable. Experts have found that installing LED lights can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 1/3rd. If you’re searching for an electrician in Hornchurch who can fit this fantastic, environmentally friendly form of lighting – look no further! Mead Electrical Services has you covered.



Another reason our electricians in Hornchurch are so mad about LED lights is that they are very durable, and can withstand a lot more than traditional bulbs. Shock and weather resistant, LED lights are often used in outdoor environments. But this doesn’t make them any less fit for internal use.


A Mead electrician will often recommend LED lighting to Hornchurch clients with specialist needs, which could mean a light is subject to more vibration and shock than a run-of-the-mill household. Maybe the man of the house is an enthusiastic bass player, for example!

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