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CCTV Systems from the Romford Area’s Premier Electricians

Are you in the Romford area and considering having a CCTV system installed in your home or place of work? Our electricians can help. But why might you want to invest in CCTV? Here are five fantastic reasons:

Top 5 Reasons to Install a CCTV System


  1. Deterrence – Burglars aren’t always the cleverest bunch. It’s not uncommon to read in the paper about how their bungling efforts have landed them in jail. But even the most notorious and skilful burglars in Romford are put off breaking in to a home or commercial premises fit with a CCTV system – which often makes the target appear “not worth the risk”.

  2. Capture and Prosecution – Our electricians in Romford have heard of many tragic tales of properties being burgled and the culprit getting away with it scott-free. Let’s say the police arrive to a property that has been burgled but which has a CCTV system. They can use the footage to help capture the thief, and to ensure that he’s successfully prosecuted and put away behind bars, where he belongs!

  3. Peace of Mind – Even in areas with very low burglary rates compared with other areas of the UK, homeowners and company chiefs want to know their home or premises is safe and sound. At Mead Electrical Services, we only sell CCTV systems which can be monitored in real time, remotely, from anywhere in the world via a tablet or smart phone. If you’re searching for an electrician in Romford which can supply and install modern, technologically sophisticated CCTV systems – give us a call.

  4. Employee Monitoring – Commercial clients around Romford often call in our electricians to fit CCTV so they can better monitor their employees. This isn’t always due to a lack of trust, it just makes sense. It safeguards them from unlikely but worrying eventualities such as employee theft and similar workplace incidents, while also boosting productivity. Employees who are taking the company for a ride by arriving late and leaving early, taking far too many coffee breaks, or spending half the time on their phone will be less willing to do so if they know they’re being monitored!

  5. Insurance Premiums – Many insurance companies will insist that CCTV is installed on a premises before a policy is handed over. Call in our electricians in Romford to get this sorted quickly, and without breaking the bank.

But there are many other reasons why you might require an electrician, not just for CCTV installation. So don’t hesitate to give us a call, whatever it is you might need. You’ll struggle to find an electrician in Romford as versatile as our own!

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